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About Kristi & Clint Stephens


My name is Kristi Stephens. I own Bella*K Photography. Let's see, you want to know my story.... Most people would say they don't have much to tell when asked this question. It's hard to write about yourself! I grew up thinking I would be a journalist. I always thought I would write novels or report on the local news. After an internship, I found out I wasn't as good of a writer as I thought I was. I had to take a couple of photography classes in college and found out I was pretty good at it! At the end of my senior year of college I was offered a full time position with another photography studio. I was so excited! Closer to the date the studio opened, I was given the position of studio manager. I worked at that studio for four years before the studio closed because the owner had cancer. I remember thinking, "Oh my goodness! What am I going to Do?" I called my husband and we decided we would open our own studio. There was no thinking about it; there was no question. It's been wonderful to have my own studio. I have learned so much about myself and have become a better photographer! I am always trying to learn more so I can offer our clients the newest in photography.

I know I wouldn't have been able to get as far as I have had it not been for my Husband, Clint, a few of my mentors and of course our family. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Clint, for 14 years. Our first date was the Tim McGraw concert at the Iowa State Fair and five years later to the date, we were married and danced to "It's your Love" by Tim McGraw! We have been together now for 19 years! He is wonderful and is truly my other half. He now works for the Department of Homeland Security. He has also served on the Waukee Fire Department for 22 years. In addition to all he does, he also helps me out a ton with the business. He does all the bookwork, and we now both shoot together for a majority of our work. It's a great match because we have two different styles and can give a bigger range to our work. I am truly lucky to have him in my life.

Bella*K has been open since April 1, 2006. Our name means Beautiful. We came up with the name one day, just sitting on our front step kicking around ideas. We have loved meeting all of our new clients and consider many of you friends. I feel it is a gift in life to be blessed with the gift of photography. With photography, we capture moments in your life. To me, it is truly a gift to be invited into the lives of our clients on the most important days of their lives. I have been there for the last portrait in someone's life, the portraits of life growing inside their mother, the moment two lives become one, and the moments of independence. There is no greater gift for a photographer than to be able to capture the soul of the moment.